Why shoulder the burden?
et it.

The Acis integration with BGL generates time and resource efficiencies for professional advisers.

Our superior system

Ensures orders are
completed in seconds
Delivers data consistency
across platforms
Reduces multiple
data entry points
Avoids duplicate
record creation
Removes the risk of
data overwriting

Seamless Integration

Streamline workflows

Create company structures in CAS 360 and upload Acis documents to both CAS 360 & SF 360 via a single click.

Pre-loaded data

Superior connectivity enables you to load your CAS 360 & SF 360 datadirectly into Acis orders.

Avoid duplicates

Unique identifiers built into the Acis integration with CAS 360 & SF 360 prevents duplicate records.

How to integrate

CAS 360 & SF 360 integrations can be performed during any product order simply by selecting the Integrations icon and following the prompts.
For more information check out our video tutorials or go to our CAS 360 and SF 360 FAQs.

What our clients say

Canio Muscillo
Director, Muscillo Romano

Acis integrations are critical to removing unnecessary overheads in our business, streamlining our processes and removing the potential for error. Our clients gain the benefit from the business efficiencies we can generate through smart integrations such as this one between Acis and BGL.

Jodie Marshall
Partner, Snelleman Tom

The Acis integration with BGL has been invaluable to our business. This integration has allowed us to streamline our processes, remove unnecessary wastage and alleviate errors arising from multiple touch points. Our clients have also benefited from this cutting edge approach as we can focus our energy on the important conversations. It is hard to remember life before the Acis x BGL integration.

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