Order structures without hidden costs, risks or delays.

We manage the processes around companies, trusts and SMSF structures so your advice is put into action quickly and efficiently for your clients.


Company registrations for proprietary and public companies plus company services.


SMSF fund preparation and services.


Trust preparation and services.

We outsource to Acis as a specialist document provider so we can focus our expertise on the work we’re delivering to our clients. We can do this with certainty that the Acis Legal Services team takes responsibility for the integrity of the documents they’re supplying.

Director – Leading Brisbane Law Firm

Acis integrations are super simple and they work. You don’t have to figure things out because it happens seamlessly in front of you. The time savings are noticeable.

Warren Maris, Director – Magnus Business Advisers and Accountants

It is clear that Acis’ unique understanding of business processes has been at the centre of their product development and service offering. Acis is the only provider with which we can have a conversation about business processes and efficiencies.

Troy Morgan, Partner, Enterprise – KPMG Australia

You can find mediocrity everywhere, and sadly this industry isn’t immune. For us, the key markers are the quality of legal review, professionalism, timely responses to queries and quick turnarounds. We are seeking like-minded partners who share our values, and I feel we have made a good start with Acis.

Robert Krigsman, Principal – Krigsman Partners

From our perspective, the technological advancements Acis has built into its user-friendly platform, and the integration with Peter’s skillset and expertise, have been seamless so far and resulted in a really specialist suite of services.

Kevin Mottau, Director – Acknowledge Accounting