SMSF Deed Release

Current as of: 13 June 2023.

 On 13 June 2023, Acis released an updated SMSF Deed for:

• new SMSFs
• SMSF deed upgrades; and
• SMSFs that are subscribed to SuperDepot.

The Deed combines technical improvements with practical efficiencies and guidance to simplify the governance of SMSFs. A detailed summary of changes can be found here.

We updated our Deed with input from a national panel of SMSF experts, including in-house and specialist lawyers, administrators, planners, and accountants. Their diverse expertise in the SMSF sphere ensures that our Deed reflects the most comprehensive and up-to-date industry knowledge.

What You Need to Do

For SMSFs that are subscribed to SuperDepot, there is nothing to do. Those funds will automatically adopt the new Deed.

If your funds are not subscribed to SuperDepot, this is an ideal opportunity to take a closer look. Book a demo to explore the benefits on offer or contact us to discuss upgrading your deeds.