Privacy Policy.

At Australian Company Incorporation Services Pty. Ltd. ('Acis.'), the protection of your privacy is of the utmost importance. As such, we remain committed to the strictest safeguards concerning the use of personal information that is provided to us by virtue of your use of our website.


Whenever used in this Privacy Policy and on this website:

  • "we", "us" and "our" refer to Australian Company Incorporation Services Pty Ltd ABN 47 131 906 851 and its associated companies, agents, officers, and advisers.
  • "you" refers to the person visiting our website or using any of our services. If you are visiting our website or using any of our services as an agent, employee or adviser for any other person, the expression includes your principal, your employer and each and every such other person or persons who are bound by this Privacy Policy accordingly;
  • “your personal information” includes any personal information relating to or belonging to another person where you are visiting our website, using any of our services or providing such personal information as an agent, employee or adviser for that other person;
  • singular words include the plural and vice versa.


We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy, from time to time, without notice to you or to any other person. Any amended Privacy Policy applies immediately upon being posted on our website.


We may withdraw access to our website and your personal information for any reason and without notice including (without limitation) if:

  • your account is or becomes inactive;
  • electronic or other equipment malfunctions or is otherwise unavailable at any time for use;
  • your account remains unpaid beyond our normal payment terms;
  • we believe that the security of this website may have been compromised; or
  • we believe that this website or any content available through it is being used for improper or unauthorised purposes.

Visiting our Website

Whenever our website is visited, our Internet Service Provider may record details such as the date and time of your visit, together with your server address and domain name. Personal information is not kept in a form enabling you to be identified, but is used for statistical purposes only.


You must keep your user information and password secure. Failure to do so may result in loss to you. We will not be responsible for:

  1. the failure or omission of any person which results in any password or other sensitive personal information being used by any person;
  2. any loss or damage however caused (including through negligence or fraud) which you may suffer directly or indirectly arising out of any:
  3. unauthorised access to this website by any person using your log in or password details or those of any other person;
  4. alterations to any of your personal information made by any person using your log in or password details or those of any other person, whether we have notice of any such use or not.

Personal Information We Collect

When you use certain areas of our site, we collect personal information from you so that we may provide material that is relevant to you, and so that we may communicate more effectively with you. When ordering Acis products on-line, information concerning other parties may also be collected (for the purposes of document completion).

In all circumstances, we only collect personal information that is specific and that has been volunteered by users of our website. In this respect, Acis receives an amount of personal information from visitors, including details such as name, address, position, company, telephone and email address. This personal information is treated confidentially and may be used for a variety of purposes, ranging from requests for information to delivery of completed products.

All personal information will be retained by Acis until it is no longer required, after which it will be securely destroyed or de-identified. No information will be disclosed to third parties, with the exception of:

  • persons who are engaged on our premises assisting with activities specifically relating to the personal information in question. All contractors, suppliers etc. are bound to keep all personal information confidential;
  • Government bodies (e.g. the A.S.I.C. for the registration of companies), where the law requires it;
  • clients for whom you have ordered products from us provided you have consented to the disclosure or if you no longer act for the client upon production of evidence acceptable to us of that fact and of the identity of the person requesting the information. We do not however disclose information which is not personal to that person.

Information Types

we provide to you. We may collect, for example, in relation to you or your clients:

  • user names and passwords;
  • first, middle and last names;
  • addresses where relevant;
  • contact details such as telephone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses;
  • payment details such as credit card numbers and other relevant details.

We will not use any personal information other than for the purposes for which the information is supplied or otherwise as authorised by you. Where required by law, any such information (e.g. credit card information) will be disposed of within the time required by law.

We do not collect any sensitive information other than that required by law (for example, dates and places of birth for the purposes required under the Corporations Act 2001). This includes information about race, religion, marital status, ethnic origin, political opinions or affiliations, memberships, health or disability, sexual preferences or criminal records.

We may use personal information provided to us in order to:

  • manage your account with us;
  • generate internal reports of financial information for our own sales and accounting purposes;
  • provide you with the product or service you have ordered;
  • inform you about our other products and services.


We agree that we will take reasonable steps to:

  • ensure that there is no unauthorised access, reproduction, use or disclosure of your personal information;
  • ensure we maintain control over access to your personal information;
  • promptly do anything which you reasonably require to prevent or restrain disclosure of your personal information against your wishes.

This will not apply if the disclosure or use is:

  • to our lawyers for the purposes of your order or in relation to enquiries you have made;
  • to a party authorised to receive such information;
  • required by law, or by any applicable rules or regulations of a recognised stock exchange but only to the extent required to comply with those laws or rules;
  • required to take advice from any legal or financial adviser;
  • required to comply with any law or court order;
  • required by the terms of any proposed sale, merger, reorganisation or other event relating to our business or that of a related entity; or
  • required to engage in any proceedings instituted for breach or enforcement of our agreement with you or our Terms and Conditions.

Contact with You

We will only communicate with you if we have obtained your consent and we confirm that your consent may be withdrawn at any time.


You agree that we may use your personal information for the purposes of direct marketing, unless you direct us not to use the information that way or not to send such material to you.

3rd Party Websites

Our web site contains some links to 3rd party websites over which we have no control. We accept no responsibility for the privacy or security characteristics of any of websites. Any use by you of any 3rd party website accessed through our own website is undertaken at your risk and subject to any terms applied by that 3rd party.

Access to Information

If you wish to access any personal information held by us, you can send requests by email at We may not be able to provide with access to personal information in certain circumstances, for example, if providing access would or may:

  • disclose to you information that is the property of another person;
  • disclose other information to which you are not entitled or which may be commercially sensitive;
  • expose another person to a risk to their health or safety;
  • not be in the best interests of another person;
  • not be made in good faith or in conflict with our obligations to another person;
  • relate to legal proceedings;
  • be contrary to law or the order of a court or tribunal.

Changing Your Details

You may change your details at any time by logging onto our website and changing your settings or by contacting us by email at or calling toll free on1800 773 477.

Further Assistance

If you are not satisfied with any response you receive from us or in respect of the handling of any personal information we will take reasonable steps to ensure your concerns are dealt with in the appropriate way. If you remain unsatisfied, please contact our Head of Legal Services immediately.

If you have any queries relating to our Privacy Policy please contact us by email or calling toll free on1800 773 477.