We’ve put together a guide to assist you with Acis preparation of ABN/TFN applications.

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Any company, trust or superfund ordered through Acis.


Yes. A request may be submitted via the Acis portal, by navigating to the COMPLETED section, then selecting the Integration icon for the relevant entity.

Assuming ABR’s website is working and no validation issues arise, the saved application will be delivered within a few minutes.

You will be notified via email (and on the Acis portal) with instructions on how to review the saved application and submit it to ABR.

Yes. Applications saved on ABR expire after 24 hours.

These are securely stored on our portal. Navigate to the COMPLETED section, then select the Integration icon for the relevant entity.

You are, and it is critical that all information included in your ABN/TFN application is verified as accurate before submission to ABR.

ABR does not facilitate saving of applications requesting only a TFN. If you only require a TFN, please update the selections made in the Business Activitysection of the saved application prior to submitting with the ABR.

No. You can register for GST and PAYG via ABR after your ABN is issued.

Additional Authorised Contacts may be added into saved applications.

Yes. Providing TFNs allows ABR to verify associates and avoid lengthy processing delays. As TFNs cannot be added to saved applications, they should be provided prior.

To avoid any processing delays by ABR, it is recommended the application be requested after the Associate has received their TFN.

ABR’s minimum requirements for Associates are:

  • company applications – a public officer, director and company shareholder;
  • trust applications – trustees;
  • superfund applications – trustees and members.

Other associates may be nominated via the Comments field in our application.

Postal addresses (that differ from the main business address) may be added into saved applications.

One of our team will contact you regarding validation issues.

For superfunds, you can add EFT account details into saved applications.