07/12/2018 | SMSF, SMSF Update, pension, pension rules, SMSF deed, SuperDepot

Acis All Areas - December 2018

Don’t Fall Foul of New Pension Rules.
You probably know that the ATO confirmed the consequences of not meeting the minimum payment requirements for pensions in SMSFR 2013/5. Peter Johnson shares why it is an absolute must that your clients’ deeds be amended to address this issue in relation to pensions.
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11/10/2018 | DIY, factsheet, trade marks, product release, business structuring, risk, checklist, factsheet

Acis All Areas - October 2018

A world of DIY pain
We understand that clients are often focussed on the costs involved with establishing a structure, and it’s not always easy to convince them the DIY approach is a false economy.
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09/08/2018 | default beneficiaries, beneficiaries, trusts, BGL CAS 360, integrations, Upcoming Events, Xerocon, Tax Events

Acis All Areas - August 2018

Are Default Beneficiaries a Necessary Evil? Taking a blanket approach is not a good idea
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21/06/2018 | Acis trust, state-based duty law, trust establishment, power of attorney,

Acis All Areas - June 2018

Where the duty lies when establishing trusts - Even the big guys get confused
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10/04/2018 | superannuation law, testimonial, SMSF expertise, Acis team, Tax Events highlights

Acis All Areas - April 2018

Lifting the lid on SMSF traps
"I estimate that up to half of accountants are unaware of the rules and are making the wrong assumptions about what SMSFs are able to do," says Peter Johnson, SMSF Services director at Acis.
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01/03/2018 | company shares, minor shareholders, CHESS

Acis All Areas - March 2018

Major Dilemma for Minor Shareholders
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09/06/2017 | Matt Neibling Intergrations

Acis All Areas June 2017

New integrations & SuperDepot released
It’s official! Our propeller heads are finally coming out of the shadows to announce a host of system upgrades and integrations.
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13/04/2017 | Matt Neibling tax, super trust, deed, property

Acis All Areas April 2017

Super hype over super reforms
Yep! We’re over it. Super reforms are coming! Super reforms are coming! We hear ya.
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20/02/2017 | Matt Neibling tax, risk, trust, deed

Acis All Areas February 2017

Don’t be a turkey in the year of the rooster
Unfortunately for some, the Year of Rooster may well be the Year of the Turkey! We’ve already seen a prime example of a firm relying on an automated, online document provider to amend a trust deed. The firm, and its clients, are now paying the price.
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28/10/2016 | Acis risk, digital, savings, shareholder, agreements, buy back, shares, asset

Acis All Areas October 2016

When Cheap Isn't Cheerful part 2
This edition of Acis All Areas we look at part 2 of Matt's article looking at risks to which many owners, partners and managers are exposed, why burying your head in the sand doesn't avoid conflict and to buy back or to not buy back?
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15/09/2016 | Matt Neibling trust deeds, beneficiaries, Acis client portal

Acis All Areas September 2016

When Cheap Isn't Cheerful
I don’t often choke on my morning coffee, but came close last week when our legal services team showed me a trust deed that had come into the office for review.
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28/07/2016 | Matt Neibling trusts, companies, risk, assets

Acis All Areas - July 2016

State of Play for Trusts and Companies
Acis All Areas this month is short and sweet as we know many of you are gearing up for the new financial year.
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16/06/2016 | Matt Neibling white paper, directors, company, Reinstatement

Acis All Areas - June 2016

Forget the election, think about directors and holding companies
While many eyes are turned towards our Federal pollies in the coming weeks, our focus is on end of year reviews and effective standardisation of documents to improve efficiencies within your businesses.
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28/04/2016 | Matt Neibling deadline, NALI, LRBA

Acis All Areas - April 2016

Stop the Press on NALI and related party loans
It seems none of us can avoid reviewing LRBAs and related party loans, with the ATO releasing in mid-April a guidance that provides clarity around the terms that the ATO will accept as arm’s length. This is an important reminder ahead of the June 30 deadline which is just around the corner.
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17/03/2016 | Matt Neibling NALI, related parties, security, privacy, EOFY, UPEs

Acis All Areas - March 2016

SMSFs Risking High Marginal Tax Rates
Time to start getting the house in order (if you aren't already doing so) for June 30. As we all know, the ATO is sharpening its focus on loans to SMSFs, and we talk further in this issue of Acis All Areas about the risk of SMSFs being hit with higher marginal tax rates if related party loans are not on commercial terms.
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04/02/2016 | Matt Neibling deed, amendments, acis, deadline, compliance, tax

Acis All Areas - February 2016

Devil Is In The Detail With Deed Amendments
Welcome to 2016. The team at Acis has returned to the fray feeling energised, and focused on adding value to our clients' advisory arsenal.
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10/12/2015 | Unit Trust, Discretionary Trust, trust, perpetuity, superannuation

Acis All Areas - December 2015

Bridging the Gap
While we hope the champagne corks are about to be popped at your office, we know things aren't slowing down just yet! To round off a busy year, we thought it would be timely to recap on the articles that had the most impact on our clients in 2015.
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26/10/2015 | Matt Neibling pension, lump sum

Acis All Areas - October 2015

Pension or Lump Sum Payment?
This October issue of Acis All Areas, marks the first anniversary of the relaunch of the Acis brand in 2014. We thought it was timely to dive into the world of SMSFs this month, particularly given the Turnbull government's revisit of the Murray Financial System Enquiry.
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17/09/2015 | Matt Neibling superannuation

Acis All Areas - September 2015

Super & The Slippery Slope
There's no doubting, particularly with the discussions about Australia's signing of a free trade agreement with China, that many businesses are considering international opportunities. One hot topic, which we've summarised in this issue, relates to the tax implications of residency that your clients should consider when doing business overseas.
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06/08/2015 | Matt Neibling trusts, beneficiaries

Acis All Areas - August 2015

Do Trusts Need To Die?
We've seen plenty of technical queries coming through recently, particularly around the requirements of trusts. In this issue, we have highlighted some important considerations around these requirements, that may impact the advice given to your clients.
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04/06/2015 | Matt Neibling tax, deadline, discretionary trust, unit trust, checklist

Acis All Areas - June 2015

June 30 Deadline Looming
With the June 30 deadline looming, this issue of Acis All Areas is focused around some tools and tips you can use when reviewing your clients' trusts in the lead up to June 30.
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16/04/2015 | Matt Neibling LRBA, tax events, discretionary trusts, checklist

Acis All Areas - April 2015

Bridging the Gap
Following the conclusion of the Tax Event series, Director of Acis, Matt Neibling discusses our recent tools that have been developed to help you bridge the gap between awareness and action.
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12/02/2015 | Matt Neibling risk, awareness, electronic signatures, trust, deed

Acis All Areas - February 2015

Uncovering the Unseen risks
Director of Acis, Matt Neibling, discusses the areas of risk and potential risk encountered by many practitioners in the market.
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10/12/2014 | Matt Neibling risk, trust, secretaries

Acis All Areas - December 2014

Why take the risk with your trusts?
Welcome to the first edition of Acis All Areas, where we will discuss our take on the latest industry news and updates.
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