27/09/2018 | factsheet, DIY, business structures, trade marks, LRBA, checklist, unit trusts, trust

Resources for you & your clients

We have available to you a number of resources to provide to your clients, and also to support you in building efficiencies in your business.
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09/08/2018 | default beneficiaries, beneficiaries, trusts, BGL CAS 360, integrations, Upcoming Events, Xerocon, Tax Events

Acis All Areas - August 2018

Are Default Beneficiaries a Necessary Evil? Taking a blanket approach is not a good idea
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08/08/2018 | Emily Pritchard default beneficiaries, beneficiaries, trusts

Are Default Beneficiaries a Necessary Evil?

Taking a blanket approach is not a good idea
Emily Pritchard, Legal Services Manager at Acis, shares why taking a blanket approach to default beneficiaries is not a good idea.
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30/05/2018 | video, webinar, trusts, FAQs, discretionary trusts

Ask Us About Trusts

Our experts have compiled the top questions they are asked about Discretionary Trusts, with all answers revealed in this sharp, practical webinar.

Common Questions Answered

We've asked our experts to compile the questions they regularly field about Discretionary Trusts, with all answers revealed in this sharp, practical webinar.

Questions? Get in touch with our Expert Panel:

Stephen Harvey

Emily Pritchard

Trung Vu

Playna Ho

09/04/2018 | Peter Johnson, SMSF Services Director SuperDepot, SMSF, trust law, superannuation law, related party loans, unit trusts, trust deeds

Lifting the lid on SMSF traps

Up to half of accountants not clear about rules
Peter Johnson, SMSF Services Director at Acis, warns accountants of the traps that lurk beneath the surface.
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26/10/2016 | Stephen Harvey geared unit trusts, SMSF

Don’t Be Fooled by Geared Unit Trusts

We’ve noticed some of our competitors are talking up what they call a “geared unit trust” as being suitable for SMSFs.
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28/07/2016 | Stephen Harvey trusts

The ABCs of Trusts

Stephen Harvey of Acis discusses the general rules and expectations of trusts, and the important things to remember when establishing an effective structure.
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28/07/2016 | Matt Neibling trusts, companies, risk, assets

Acis All Areas - July 2016

State of Play for Trusts and Companies
Acis All Areas this month is short and sweet as we know many of you are gearing up for the new financial year.
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29/10/2015 | Stephen Harvey SMSF, trusts, deed, updates

Change is the New Norm

The benefits of deed consistency
The question often arises as to whether the trust deed for a self-managed superannuation fund needs to be updated regularly. The response is generally 'yes', however there are a few considerations to be aware of that Stephen Harvey touches on within this article.
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17/09/2015 | Stephen Harvey perpetuity, trusts

Why Wait and See May be the Best Approach

Another Look at Trust Perpetuity
Continuing with the theme of perpetuity's from our last issue, we now take a look at the Wait and See rule and delve deeper into the reality of how it works.
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06/08/2015 | Matt Neibling trusts, beneficiaries

Acis All Areas - August 2015

Do Trusts Need To Die?
We've seen plenty of technical queries coming through recently, particularly around the requirements of trusts. In this issue, we have highlighted some important considerations around these requirements, that may impact the advice given to your clients.
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16/04/2015 | Stephen Harvey discretionary trusts, tax

How can advisers identify areas of risk in their Discretionary Trusts?

Stephen Harvey outlines a useful tool developed by Acis to help you identify areas of risk in your clients' Discretionary Trusts.

16/04/2015 | Matt Neibling LRBA, tax events, discretionary trusts, checklist

Acis All Areas - April 2015

Bridging the Gap
Following the conclusion of the Tax Event series, Director of Acis, Matt Neibling discusses our recent tools that have been developed to help you bridge the gap between awareness and action.
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09/06/2011 | Stephen Harvey trusts, power of attorney

Settling Trusts Under Power of Attorney

Acis has established many thousands of trusts using the Power of Attorney service. Stephen Harvey of Acis, discusses the many advantages around using this method of trust establishment.
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