27/09/2018 | factsheet, DIY, business structures, trade marks, LRBA, checklist, unit trusts, trust

Resources for you & your clients

We have available to you a number of resources to provide to your clients, and also to support you in building efficiencies in your business.
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18/01/2018 | Robert Krigsman, Principal, Krigsman Partners Acis, client, quality, professionalism, legal review, business structures, what they said, testimonial

What they said...

“You can find mediocrity everywhere.” (Robert Krigsman, Principal, Krigsman Partners)
Robert Krigsman, Principal at Krigsman Partners, shares his experience with the customer service provided by the Acis team.
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22/08/2017 | Tax Events Tax, Event, Restructure, Asset Protection, ITAA Provision

Restructuring for asset protection - is it genuine?

Tax Events - Series Two for 2017
The team at Acis welcomes you to join us at our second Tax Events seminar series for 2017. Held in conjunction with Redchip, this series will consider whether asset protection strategies might be impacted by ITAA provisions.
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12/04/2017 | Matt Neibling structure, tax effective, event, property

Tax Events Series - Five Years On

Structuring tax-effective property transactions
Trung Vu, Redchip Taxation Associate, outlines how vital the facts are in determining whether a property transaction is a mere realisation of a capital asset or a profit-making undertaking
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