12/10/2018 | Mick Nielsen DIY, business structuring, risk, checklist, factsheet, product release

A world of DIY pain

The costs and consequences aren’t worth it
Mick Nielsen, Relationship Manager at Acis, offers insights into how and why you should advise your clients that DIY is a false economy.
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11/10/2018 | DIY, factsheet, trade marks, product release, business structuring, risk, checklist, factsheet

Acis All Areas - October 2018

A world of DIY pain
We understand that clients are often focussed on the costs involved with establishing a structure, and it’s not always easy to convince them the DIY approach is a false economy.
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20/02/2017 | Matt Neibling tax, risk, trust, deed

Acis All Areas February 2017

Don’t be a turkey in the year of the rooster
Unfortunately for some, the Year of Rooster may well be the Year of the Turkey! We’ve already seen a prime example of a firm relying on an automated, online document provider to amend a trust deed. The firm, and its clients, are now paying the price.
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17/02/2017 | Stephen Harvey risk, awareness

The Power of Yes

We’d be laughing if it wasn’t so serious
While we like to bang on about the risks inherent in using robotic or template service providers, this week we were presented with a prime example of what happens when human scrutiny plays no role in the production of documents.
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28/10/2016 | Acis risk, digital, savings, shareholder, agreements, buy back, shares, asset

Acis All Areas October 2016

When Cheap Isn't Cheerful part 2
This edition of Acis All Areas we look at part 2 of Matt's article looking at risks to which many owners, partners and managers are exposed, why burying your head in the sand doesn't avoid conflict and to buy back or to not buy back?
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26/10/2016 | Matthew Neibling risk, digital, savings

When Cheap Isn’t Cheerful (part 2)

The trade-off between over-stated savings and risk
Join Matt Neibling in part 2 of When Cheap Isn't Cheerful, looking at the trade-off between over-stated savings and risk
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28/07/2016 | Stephen Harvey company, risk

What State is Your Company In?

Dealing with a Constitutional Hangover
You’ll notice that when applying to register a company, you must nominate a State or Territory in which it will be taken to be registered. Stephen Harvey discusses the many implications that follow with these decisions.
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28/07/2016 | Matt Neibling trusts, companies, risk, assets

Acis All Areas - July 2016

State of Play for Trusts and Companies
Acis All Areas this month is short and sweet as we know many of you are gearing up for the new financial year.
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16/06/2016 | Stephen Harvey risk, assets, white paper

Are Your Clients Suffering From Separation Anxiety?

Complimentary Acis white paper available
Acis Separation Anxiety white paper
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19/05/2016 | Stephen Harvey asset, risk, awareness, protection, structuring

White Paper: Separation Anxiety

The importance of separating risk from assets
How are your clients making sense of a world where half of their businesses and one-third of their marriages won’t last? What discussions are you having with them about maximising the value of their assets, whilst minimising the risk of losing them?
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19/05/2016 | Stephen Harvey asset, risk, awareness, protection, structuring, white paper

Separation Anxiety

The importance of separating risk from assets – a white paper from Acis.
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17/03/2016 | Stephen Harvey electronic signatures, risk

Who Bears The Risk With Electronic Signatures?

Stephen Harvey of Acis revisits the law regarding the execution of documents by way of electronic signatures.
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17/03/2016 | Stephen Harvey LRBA, tax, risk, deadline, SuperDepot

ATO to Clarify Related Party Loans and LRBAs

There has been some criteria provided by the ATO around what constitutes commercial terms. Stephen Harvey of Acis provides some commentary around these guidelines.
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04/06/2015 | Stephen Harvey compliance, unit trust, risk, fixed trust

Are You Playing by The Rules With Your Unit Trusts?

Recent case study illustrates potential vulnerabilities
Understanding the rules and regulations around the proper use of unit trusts, is vital when reviewing your clients' structures in the lead up to June 30.
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27/05/2015 | Stephen Harvey Discretionary trust, risk

What are the risks in using Discretionary Trusts?

Discretionary Trusts are an excellent tool for business structuring, however they are often poorly setup or used incorrectly, which could cause issues for your clients.

12/02/2015 | Stephen Harvey risk, trust, deed

Exterminate! Exterminate!

The risks of letting robots run the show
Risk comes in many forms, and our primary focus at Acis is to manage and mitigate these risks to ensure any potential harm can be eliminated before it is too late. Stephen Harvey of Acis, discusses this more in depth in the following article.
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12/02/2015 | Matt Neibling risk, awareness, electronic signatures, trust, deed

Acis All Areas - February 2015

Uncovering the Unseen risks
Director of Acis, Matt Neibling, discusses the areas of risk and potential risk encountered by many practitioners in the market.
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10/12/2014 | Stephen Harvey trust, deed, risk

Why Risk It?

Accounting firms are not regularly checking trust deeds
Can you recall the last time your clients' trust deeds were reviewed? This article highlights the potential risks that can come from not reviewing and updating clients' trust deeds.
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10/12/2014 | Matt Neibling risk, trust, secretaries

Acis All Areas - December 2014

Why take the risk with your trusts?
Welcome to the first edition of Acis All Areas, where we will discuss our take on the latest industry news and updates.
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