12/10/2018 | Mick Nielsen DIY, business structuring, risk, checklist, factsheet, product release

A world of DIY pain

The costs and consequences aren’t worth it
Mick Nielsen, Relationship Manager at Acis, offers insights into how and why you should advise your clients that DIY is a false economy.
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11/10/2018 | DIY, factsheet, trade marks, product release, business structuring, risk, checklist, factsheet

Acis All Areas - October 2018

A world of DIY pain
We understand that clients are often focussed on the costs involved with establishing a structure, and it’s not always easy to convince them the DIY approach is a false economy.
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27/09/2018 | factsheet, DIY, business structures, trade marks, LRBA, checklist, unit trusts, trust

Resources for you & your clients

We have available to you a number of resources to provide to your clients, and also to support you in building efficiencies in your business.
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27/09/2018 | Discretionary trust, checklist

Checklist: Discretionary Trusts

Failing to effectively establish and operate a trust can lead to poor outcomes for you and your clients.
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27/09/2018 | Unit Trust Checklist, unit trust, checklist, tools

Checklist: Unit Trust

Failing to effectively establish and operate a trust can lead to poor outcomes for you and your clients.
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27/09/2018 | LRBA, checklist, tools

Checklist: LRBA

We have developed the Acis LRBA checklist to enable you to quickly identify any related party LRBAs that may contain terms that fail the arm's length test; and take steps to amend terms and put related party LRBAs on arm's length terms.
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04/06/2015 | Stephen Harvey Unit Trust Checklist, tools, tax

Another Tool in The Kit

New Acis Unit Trust Checklist now available
Following in the successful footsteps of the Discretionary Trust Checklist, we have released our newest tool, the Unit Trust Checklist.
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04/06/2015 | Matt Neibling tax, deadline, discretionary trust, unit trust, checklist

Acis All Areas - June 2015

June 30 Deadline Looming
With the June 30 deadline looming, this issue of Acis All Areas is focused around some tools and tips you can use when reviewing your clients' trusts in the lead up to June 30.
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16/04/2015 | Stephen Harvey checklist, discretionary trust

Bridging the Gap Between Awareness and Action

Our new Discretionary Trust Checklist
Risk in our industry comes in many guises and, at worst, its realisation may threaten the very existence of your business.
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16/04/2015 | Matt Neibling LRBA, tax events, discretionary trusts, checklist

Acis All Areas - April 2015

Bridging the Gap
Following the conclusion of the Tax Event series, Director of Acis, Matt Neibling discusses our recent tools that have been developed to help you bridge the gap between awareness and action.
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