30/10/2018 | Mick Nielsen video, trade marks, webinar

Talking about trade marks

Just because a name is available to register with ASIC, there is no guarantee it’s available to use as a trading name.
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11/10/2018 | DIY, factsheet, trade marks, product release, business structuring, risk, checklist, factsheet

Acis All Areas - October 2018

A world of DIY pain
We understand that clients are often focussed on the costs involved with establishing a structure, and it’s not always easy to convince them the DIY approach is a false economy.
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27/09/2018 | factsheet, DIY, business structures, trade marks, LRBA, checklist, unit trusts, trust

Resources for you & your clients

We have available to you a number of resources to provide to your clients, and also to support you in building efficiencies in your business.
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27/09/2018 | tools, factsheet, DIY, trade marks

Factsheet: The Costs & Pitfalls of DIY Business Structures

While you think you’ll save a few dollars going online to set up a company or trust yourself, the DIY approach is a false economy.
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20/09/2018 | trade marks, product release

New Service: Trade Mark Search

You can now order a trade mark search within new company orders.
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09/11/2017 | factsheet, tools, trade marks

Factsheet: What’s in a name?

Despite what many people think, registering a company name, business name, domain or trade mark doesn’t guarantee you are entitled to trade under it.
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01/12/2016 | Redchip trade marks, white paper, brands

White Paper - Protecting Brands in a Borderless World

Why Australian businesses are leaving themselves exposed
Many business owners and the advisers creating their brands are confused about the rights registered trade marks provide in terms of defining a brand’s badge of origin, defending it from competitive threats and avoiding inadvertent infringement.
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