27/09/2018 | Unit Trust Checklist, unit trust, checklist, tools

Checklist: Unit Trust

Failing to effectively establish and operate a trust can lead to poor outcomes for you and your clients.
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27/09/2018 | LRBA, checklist, tools

Checklist: LRBA

We have developed the Acis LRBA checklist to enable you to quickly identify any related party LRBAs that may contain terms that fail the arm's length test; and take steps to amend terms and put related party LRBAs on arm's length terms.
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27/09/2018 | tools, factsheet, DIY, trade marks

Factsheet: The Costs & Pitfalls of DIY Business Structures

While you think you’ll save a few dollars going online to set up a company or trust yourself, the DIY approach is a false economy.
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09/11/2017 | factsheet, tools, trade marks

Factsheet: What’s in a name?

Despite what many people think, registering a company name, business name, domain or trade mark doesn’t guarantee you are entitled to trade under it.
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04/06/2015 | Stephen Harvey Unit Trust Checklist, tools, tax

Another Tool in The Kit

New Acis Unit Trust Checklist now available
Following in the successful footsteps of the Discretionary Trust Checklist, we have released our newest tool, the Unit Trust Checklist.
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