10/12/2015 | Unit Trust, Discretionary Trust, trust, perpetuity, superannuation

Acis All Areas - December 2015

Bridging the Gap
While we hope the champagne corks are about to be popped at your office, we know things aren't slowing down just yet! To round off a busy year, we thought it would be timely to recap on the articles that had the most impact on our clients in 2015.
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17/09/2015 | Stephen Harvey perpetuity, trusts

Why Wait and See May be the Best Approach

Another Look at Trust Perpetuity
Continuing with the theme of perpetuity's from our last issue, we now take a look at the Wait and See rule and delve deeper into the reality of how it works.
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06/08/2015 | Stephen Harvey perpetuity, trust, rule

Does my Trust Have to Die?

What the perpetuity rule means for trusts
The rules relating to trusts, in particular the perpetuity rule, can sometimes be confusing. Stephen Harvey of Acis highlights some important considerations that may impact the advice given to your clients.
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