10/10/2018 | Events, Tax Events, trust, trust resolutions

Trust resolutions in high-res

Discover the detail
Webinar recording from our final series of Tax Events for 2018 focused on the importance of trust resolutions and how getting them wrong will cost you.

To finish off our recent Tax Events seminar series, hosted in conjunction with Redchip, tax expert Trung Vu ran a one hour webinar on our seminar topic, Trust Resolutions in High-res.

In this webinar, we run a microscope over trust resolutions, dissecting the common mistakes and misunderstandings. This webinar discusses essential elements for achieving relevant resolutions and provides solutions for complying with tax laws, as well as examining some of the latest points of interest around trusts.

Watch the webinar below and click here to download the corresponding paper.

09/08/2018 | default beneficiaries, beneficiaries, trusts, BGL CAS 360, integrations, Upcoming Events, Xerocon, Tax Events

Acis All Areas - August 2018

Are Default Beneficiaries a Necessary Evil? Taking a blanket approach is not a good idea
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07/08/2018 | Seminar, Tax Events, Xerocon, Upcoming Events, Events

Upcoming Events

Join us at Tax Events & Xerocon
The Acis team is out and about throughout August and September at major events across the country. We invite you to join us.
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17/05/2018 | Tax Events, August 2018, September 2018, Seminar, event

Save the Date for Tax Events

Series 2 dates are locked in.
Mark your calendars, now! The second series of Acis and Redchip Tax Events is coming in August.
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10/04/2018 | superannuation law, testimonial, SMSF expertise, Acis team, Tax Events highlights

Acis All Areas - April 2018

Lifting the lid on SMSF traps
"I estimate that up to half of accountants are unaware of the rules and are making the wrong assumptions about what SMSFs are able to do," says Peter Johnson, SMSF Services director at Acis.
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04/04/2018 | Courtney Green Tax Events, March 2018, Seminar, highlights

Tax Events highlights

The 2018 Tax Events saw record number attendees across 5 locations.
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27/02/2018 | Jen Cavanagh tax events, March 2018, Seminar, Event

Tale of Tax Events

Still rolling after 6 years & 3,000 attendees
Just over six years ago, the team at Acis had a “light bulb” moment. That moment was the beginning of Tax Events.
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22/08/2017 | Tax Events Tax, Event, Restructure, Asset Protection, ITAA Provision

Restructuring for asset protection - is it genuine?

Tax Events - Series Two for 2017
The team at Acis welcomes you to join us at our second Tax Events seminar series for 2017. Held in conjunction with Redchip, this series will consider whether asset protection strategies might be impacted by ITAA provisions.
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12/04/2017 | Matt Neibling structure, tax effective, event, property

Tax Events Series - Five Years On

Structuring tax-effective property transactions
Trung Vu, Redchip Taxation Associate, outlines how vital the facts are in determining whether a property transaction is a mere realisation of a capital asset or a profit-making undertaking
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20/02/2017 | Tax Events Tax, Event, Property, Transactions, Joint Ventures, Subdivision

Structuring Tax-Effective Property Transactions

Tax Events - Series One for 2017
The team at Acis welcomes you to join us at our first Tax Events seminar series for 2017. Held in conjunction with Redchip, this series will focus on helping your clients get the most out of their property transactions.
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14/02/2017 | Tax Events Tax, Event, March 2017

Save the Date!

Series 1 of Tax Events is here
Be sure to mark your calendar, the first series of Acis and Redchip Tax Events for 2017 is coming this March!
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16/04/2015 | Matt Neibling LRBA, tax events, discretionary trusts, checklist

Acis All Areas - April 2015

Bridging the Gap
Following the conclusion of the Tax Event series, Director of Acis, Matt Neibling discusses our recent tools that have been developed to help you bridge the gap between awareness and action.
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