28/10/2016 | Acis risk, digital, savings, shareholder, agreements, buy back, shares, asset

Acis All Areas October 2016

When Cheap Isn't Cheerful part 2
This edition of Acis All Areas we look at part 2 of Matt's article looking at risks to which many owners, partners and managers are exposed, why burying your head in the sand doesn't avoid conflict and to buy back or to not buy back?
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26/10/2016 | Matthew Neibling risk, digital, savings

When Cheap Isn’t Cheerful (part 2)

The trade-off between over-stated savings and risk
Join Matt Neibling in part 2 of When Cheap Isn't Cheerful, looking at the trade-off between over-stated savings and risk
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12/02/2015 | Stephen Harvey eCommerce, digital,

Your Signature Counts

Electronic signatures - why take the risk?
With e-commerce and digital business exploding, moves have been made to open the door to the use of electronic signatures on legal documents.
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