30/05/2016 | Acis deadline, ATO, LRBA, extension

ATO extends impending LRBA deadline

The ATO has extended the 30 June deadline for SMSF trustees looking to get their related party LRBAs on commercial terms.
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28/04/2016 | Matt Neibling deadline, NALI, LRBA

Acis All Areas - April 2016

Stop the Press on NALI and related party loans
It seems none of us can avoid reviewing LRBAs and related party loans, with the ATO releasing in mid-April a guidance that provides clarity around the terms that the ATO will accept as arm’s length. This is an important reminder ahead of the June 30 deadline which is just around the corner.
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17/03/2016 | Stephen Harvey SMSF, NALI, loans, deadline, EOFY, SuperDepot

SMSFs Risking High Marginal Tax Rates

NALI and related party loans to be addressed by 30 June
With the upcoming 30 June deadline, care is required to address the possibility that the terms of related party loans could result in non-arm's length income ("NALI").
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17/03/2016 | Stephen Harvey LRBA, tax, risk, deadline, SuperDepot

ATO to Clarify Related Party Loans and LRBAs

There has been some criteria provided by the ATO around what constitutes commercial terms. Stephen Harvey of Acis provides some commentary around these guidelines.
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04/02/2016 | Stephen Harvey LRBA, deadline, SMSF, NALI, SuperDepot

30 June 2016 Deadline - Fix non-complying loans to SMSFs

Time to review LRBA arrangements
The ATO is sharpening its focus on loans made by related parties to an SMSF and has established a June 30 deadline to ensure such arrangements are consistent with an arm's length dealing.
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04/02/2016 | Matt Neibling deed, amendments, acis, deadline, compliance, tax

Acis All Areas - February 2016

Devil Is In The Detail With Deed Amendments
Welcome to 2016. The team at Acis has returned to the fray feeling energised, and focused on adding value to our clients' advisory arsenal.
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04/06/2015 | Stephen Harvey trust resolution, tax, deadline

June 30 Trust Resolution Deadline Only Days Away

Review now and avoid the pain later
Stephen Harvey of Acis, has prepared some key principles to keep in mind when preparing year end trust resolutions.
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04/06/2015 | Matt Neibling tax, deadline, discretionary trust, unit trust, checklist

Acis All Areas - June 2015

June 30 Deadline Looming
With the June 30 deadline looming, this issue of Acis All Areas is focused around some tools and tips you can use when reviewing your clients' trusts in the lead up to June 30.
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