22/08/2017 | Tax Events Tax, Event, Restructure, Asset Protection, ITAA Provision

Restructuring for asset protection - is it genuine?

Tax Events - Series Two for 2017
The team at Acis welcomes you to join us at our second Tax Events seminar series for 2017. Held in conjunction with Redchip, this series will consider whether asset protection strategies might be impacted by ITAA provisions.
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28/10/2016 | Acis risk, digital, savings, shareholder, agreements, buy back, shares, asset

Acis All Areas October 2016

When Cheap Isn't Cheerful part 2
This edition of Acis All Areas we look at part 2 of Matt's article looking at risks to which many owners, partners and managers are exposed, why burying your head in the sand doesn't avoid conflict and to buy back or to not buy back?
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26/10/2016 | Stephen Harvey buy back, shares, company, asset

To Buy Back or Not to Buy Back

(With apologies to Hamlet)
Stephen Harvey of Acis discusses whether to buy back or not to buy back shares in a company as a precursor to deregistering the company
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28/07/2016 | Stephen Harvey trust, assets

What State is Your Trust In?

Outer Mongolia Won't Cut it
Stephen Harvey of Acis discusses the applicable state laws regarding to trusts and what you must consider when you are nominating these.
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28/07/2016 | Matt Neibling trusts, companies, risk, assets

Acis All Areas - July 2016

State of Play for Trusts and Companies
Acis All Areas this month is short and sweet as we know many of you are gearing up for the new financial year.
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16/06/2016 | Stephen Harvey risk, assets, white paper

Are Your Clients Suffering From Separation Anxiety?

Complimentary Acis white paper available
Acis Separation Anxiety white paper
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19/05/2016 | Stephen Harvey asset, risk, awareness, protection, structuring

White Paper: Separation Anxiety

The importance of separating risk from assets
How are your clients making sense of a world where half of their businesses and one-third of their marriages won’t last? What discussions are you having with them about maximising the value of their assets, whilst minimising the risk of losing them?
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19/05/2016 | Stephen Harvey asset, risk, awareness, protection, structuring, white paper

Separation Anxiety

The importance of separating risk from assets – a white paper from Acis.
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17/09/2015 | Stephen Harvey Superannuation, bankruptcy, assets, SuperDepot

Super and the Slippery Slope of Bankruptcy

Protection of Assets and Super
Is your superannuation under threat when you become bankrupt? Stephen Harvey of Acis delves deeper into this topic, and provides answers to these ongoing questions.
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