06/06/2018 | Shane Topping Acis, product, email, privacy act, NDB scheme, Acis client portal, client log-in

Changes to product emails

With changes to the Privacy Act, we are changing the way we issue product emails.
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10/04/2018 | superannuation law, testimonial, SMSF expertise, Acis team, Tax Events highlights

Acis All Areas - April 2018

Lifting the lid on SMSF traps
"I estimate that up to half of accountants are unaware of the rules and are making the wrong assumptions about what SMSFs are able to do," says Peter Johnson, SMSF Services director at Acis.
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05/04/2018 | Kevin Mottau, Director, Acknowledge Accounting Acis, client, testimonial, SMSF expertise, superannuation, what they said

What they said...

“It’s the connections and relationships that count.” (Kevin Mottau, Director, Acknowledge Accounting)
Kevin Mottau, Director at Acknowledge Accounting, shares what excites him about the boost in SMSF expertise at Acis.
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05/04/2018 | Sydney, NSW, Acis team

Boosting our NSW team

Acis welcomes the newest addition to the team, Sydney based Account Executive, Louise Marshall.
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18/01/2018 | Robert Krigsman, Principal, Krigsman Partners Acis, client, quality, professionalism, legal review, business structures, what they said, testimonial

What they said...

“You can find mediocrity everywhere.” (Robert Krigsman, Principal, Krigsman Partners)
Robert Krigsman, Principal at Krigsman Partners, shares his experience with the customer service provided by the Acis team.
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08/06/2017 | Warren Maris, Director, Magnus Business Advisers and Accountants Intergrations, Acis, client, testimonial, what they said

What they said...

“Bugger me if it didn’t work from day one!” (Warren Maris, Director, Magnus Business Advisers and Accountants)
Warren Maris, Director of Magnus Business Advisers and Accountants shares an insight into his experience with Acis and also our new integrations
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16/09/2016 | Stephen Harvey special purpose company, superannuation, Acis standard constitution

Finding Purpose in Special Purpose Companies

Don't be pushed into a special constitution
While views differ quite significantly throughout our industry regarding the meaning of "Special Purpose Superannuation Company", not everybody agrees. Join Stephen Harvey by delving into why companies can be nominated as a Special Purpose Superannuation Company and why its OK to refer to distribution rights.
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16/09/2016 | Shane Topping Acis client portal, client log-in

Single Account Log-In

The Acis client portal is being streamlined even further, with a change to client log-ins which enables seamless switching between your firm’s accounts.
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15/09/2016 | Matt Neibling trust deeds, beneficiaries, Acis client portal

Acis All Areas September 2016

When Cheap Isn't Cheerful
I don’t often choke on my morning coffee, but came close last week when our legal services team showed me a trust deed that had come into the office for review.
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04/02/2016 | Matt Neibling deed, amendments, acis, deadline, compliance, tax

Acis All Areas - February 2016

Devil Is In The Detail With Deed Amendments
Welcome to 2016. The team at Acis has returned to the fray feeling energised, and focused on adding value to our clients' advisory arsenal.
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