19/05/2016 | Stephen Harvey asset, risk, awareness, protection, structuring

White Paper: Separation Anxiety

The importance of separating risk from assets

Acis’ head of legal services, Stephen Harvey, has collated some important insights and information about protection of assets in the event your clients are faced with a split in their professional or personal lives. There’s no doubting you can present numerous strategies to your clients, but which ones are most – or least – likely to tackle their needs?
We invite you to access our “Separation Anxiety” white paper, encapsulating invaluable commentary to support the conversations you are having with your clients about protecting the assets they have worked so hard to build.
We have also developed a complimentary version tailored specifically for your clients which you can brand and reproduce for your own purposes. Contact Courtney Green on or 1800 773 477 and she will send you a customised master copy to email and print as you need.