05/04/2018 | Kevin Mottau, Director, Acknowledge Accounting Acis, client, testimonial, SMSF expertise, superannuation, what they said

What they said...

“It’s the connections and relationships that count.” (Kevin Mottau, Director, Acknowledge Accounting)

As a recent Acis adoptee and long-time client of Peter Johnson's, Acknowledge Accounting director, Kev Mottau, is eager to see what their recent partnership will deliver.

He arrived at the decision to move his document purchasing to Acis after connecting with the team at a professional networking business dinner. The relationship has driven significant enhancements to Acknowledge Accounting's service offer through Acis' ability to customise documents, add logos to deeds and maintain up-to-date legal documents.

What is also exciting for Kev and his team is the boost to Acis' superannuation expertise with the arrival of Peter Johnson, with whom he has worked for the past decade:

"Peter Johnson perfectly complements the Acis team's hands-on approach, where we can simply pick up the phone and speak to someone instead of having to engage other lawyers."

In Kev's opinion, the need for accountants to be clear about superannuation rules has been even more pressing since July 2016 when the RG146 requirement came into play.

"From our perspective, the technological advancements Acis has built into its user-friendly platform, and the integration with Peter's skillset and expertise, have been seamless so far and resulted in a really specialist suite of services."