18/01/2018 | Robert Krigsman, Principal, Krigsman Partners Acis, client, quality, professionalism, legal review, business structures, what they said, testimonial

What they said...

“You can find mediocrity everywhere.” (Robert Krigsman, Principal, Krigsman Partners)

The devil truly is in the detail when it comes to client service. A prompt return phone call, an easy-to-navigate website, timely resolution of non-standard requests. In themselves, not hugely significant, but for Krigsman Partners all deal breakers when it comes to purchasing business structures.

Following on from unsatisfactory relationships with several players in the industry, Robert Krigsman was so driven to find a solution that he contemplated establishing his own business:

"We've had some terrible experiences which have been costly in terms of both time and fees to have problems corrected that were created by third parties. These are costs that we would never, in all fairness, pass on to our clients.

"We're talking about months trying to organise company share registrations that can handle four decimal points, or the discovery that a constitution hadn't been reviewed for two years.

"I even got to the point of looking into setting up a business ourselves."

Robert's frustration stemmed largely from the simple lack of communication and integrity around customer service. A response to an email query or a return phone can make the difference between a successful partnership and a poor experience.

According to Robert: "You can find mediocrity everywhere, and sadly this industry isn't immune.

"For us, the key markers are the quality of legal review, professionalism, timely responses to queries and quick turnarounds.

"We are seeking like-minded partners who share our values, and I feel we have made a good start with Acis."