08/06/2017 | Warren Maris, Director, Magnus Business Advisers and Accountants Intergrations, Acis, client, testimonial, what they said

What they said...

“Bugger me if it didn’t work from day one!” (Warren Maris, Director, Magnus Business Advisers and Accountants)

It is a significant decision to leave a long-term vendor, particularly when its products are important to the service you provide to your clients. In the case of Magnus Business Advisers and Accountants, the decision to change its structures provider was particularly critical given the importance the firm places on high quality service to its SME clients, in particular efficient turnaround and response times.

Magnus Director, Warren Maris, made the decision to shift to Acis in early 2017, based largely on advice from a trusted referrer and fellow business advisor:

"I know my business, and I'm not interested in having to learn a new system, so moving from another provider represented an investment for me in both energy and time.

"You need a good reason to change and, in the case of Acis, I liked the team and had heard the products were good. I needed the system to be simple to adopt, and the product to be ok. The fact is, the product was well beyond ok."

From Warren's perspective, the key influences on his decision to trial Acis were ease-of-use of the system and, to a lesser degree, the company's reputation. Whilst price competitiveness was expected, it wasn't the primary driver for Warren in shifting providers.

The recent release of a suite of new integrations provided an ideal test of the Acis system:

"You hear people spouting on about integrations, but in my experience they only work if they are loved and cuddled all the time. They tend to be more marketing bumf than anything.

"Acis integrations are super simple and they work. You don't have to figure things out because it happens seamlessly in front of you. The time savings are noticeable."

Warren laughingly comments that he is at a point in his "lengthy" career where he anticipates exaggeration and is surprised to be told the truth:

"It's nice to work with a business where the system works and you are not arguing the toss.

"I've developed, in just a few months, a confidence with Acis that would normally take years. They under promise and over deliver, which is a philosophy we adhere to at Magnus.

"When you have people working to the same values under which you operate, it augurs well for a good relationship."

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