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The Acis website

Helpful hints

How the site works: Our website operates as 2 distinct areas:

  1. Public Area: This is the ‘front-end’ that is accessible to the general public and can be used to download order forms; learn about Acis and our services; view our policies; conduct name availability checks etc.
  2. My Acis: This is the secure area of the site to which a registered user may sign in to order and track products; manage invoices and payments; view previously completed works; produce documentation and more.

Logging in for those who have not used our online services previously:

  1. Existing Acis clients: Use the Click here to register button on our Sign in Where the text is highlighted in red, click on use this link to retrieve your login details by return email. If your email address cannot be matched by our system, you will need to contact us OR you can complete and submit the Client Registration form on that webpage.
  2. If you’re new to Acis: Use the Click here to register button on our Sign in page, then complete and submit the Client Registration form on that webpage.

If you forget your username or password: Your username will always be your first given name followed by your family name (as they are recorded in our database) OR you can use your email address. If you are unsure about your username or password, you should click on Forgot your login details? On the Sign in page to have your login details immediately emailed to your registered email address. Alternatively, you should contact us.

For additional security, no 2 users can have the same password. If you are registered as a user at multiple locations, a different password will be required for each location. To avoid confusion between multiple listings with the same username and email address, any login reminder email will include details of that user’s firm name and street address.

Basic system requirements:

  1. Pop-up blockers: Our online ordering system relies on pop-up windows to perform various tasks. Many web browsers have inbuilt pop-up detection which may need to be disabled or altered to allow Acis’ ordering system to function properly.
  2. PDF reader: A modern PDF reader is necessary for the normal operation of both the secure and public areas of the site.

Always add your company orders first: When ordering structures (involving combinations of companies and other elements such as trusts, agreements etc.), always enter the details of the company first. By doing so, you will subsequently be able to avoid repetitive data entry by accessing details from the existing company record.

Your credit card details: Our policy is not to store credit card details.

Pay for multiple orders/invoices in a single transaction: Please be aware that you can pay for multiple orders and/or invoices with a single credit card payment at our ‘checkout’.

‘Pay by other means’: If you select the ‘Pay by other means’ option when finalising an online order, a member of our team will contact you thereafter to make the necessary arrangements.

Help while ordering online: Throughout the various online ordering processes, we have installed help in the form of ‘Tool Tips’. To view a Tool Tip for a given subject, simply situate your mouse pointer over the relevant pink “i” symbol and the help text will appear as a hover.

System Announcements: Once removed from your My Acis homepage in the secure client area, system announcements can subsequently be viewed by clicking on ‘Announcements’ under the SUPPORT section of the main navigation bar.

To go ‘Home’, use the Acis logo: Throughout the new website (including both secure and non-secure areas), clicking on the Acis logo at the top of each webpage will navigate you directly to that area’s respective homepage.

Name availability searches using ASIC: To search the availability of a proposed company name, simply navigate (via the Name check link in the bottom navigation bar) to our Name checks webpage, which is situated in the public area of our website. Enter your proposed name in the space provided and then click on ‘Search’. Be sure to read ASIC’s disclaimer/important notes prior to acting on any result provided by these services.

Similar automated company name submission to ASIC is also positioned throughout our online ordering system for purposes such as name availability searching, checking ACN’s etc.

Updating your (or your organisation’s) details: When logged in, any user can update their personal details (including password, email address etc.) by clicking on ‘Details’, then ‘View/Edit Details’ under the MY PROFILE section in the main left hand navigation bar.

Only a ‘Master’ user can:

  1. update organisation details (simply follow the instructions above relating to changing your personal details);
  2. manage other’s User Levels; or
  3. add or remove users, and control access to the secure client area of the site.

To make changes under points 2 and 3 above, a ‘Master’ user should click on ‘User Management’ under ‘Details’ in the MY PROFILE section of the main left-hand navigation bar.

User Levels: To enhance accessibility within the secure area of our site, we have introduced various User Levels. These are summarised in the following table:








Manage Users/Records






















*Only if the task was started by that user.

Online ordering ‘tasks’: Our secure client area allows users to create, manage, submit and track orders for a number of key Acis products or ‘tasks’. Once created, tasks are classified as:

In progress’ means that an order for the matter has been submitted and that the matter is yet to be concluded. Such tasks are further described as either:

Awaiting Processing’ - meaning that the order has been submitted and is yet to be processed by a member of our team; or

Awaiting Completion’ – meaning that the order has been accepted, logged into our internal system and is being processed. If an order cannot be completed for any reason, it will be listed here – simply hover your mouse pointer over the name for full details.

Saved orders’ have been stored for your later action. These can be edited or deleted at any time prior to being submitted.

Completed’ matters have been concluded for our purposes.

For each major Acis product (i.e. company registration, new trust or SMSF), the task management described above can be accessed directly from the navigation bar (situated to the left hand side of each webpage) in the secure client area.

For simplicity, the task management for our other services (such as our agreement products and company name changes, deregistrations and searches) is handled separately on their respective web pages.

Order Validation: While our Order Validator works to ensure that you provide us with sufficient information to process your order; it acts as a guide only i.e. you can submit orders to us even if an issue has been flagged in the validation process. We will contact you thereafter as necessary.

Order Summary: Once a task has been started in our online system (and assuming that it has not subsequently been deleted), it is possible to view/print a summary (in PDF) of that task at any time thereafter. Summary buttons appear at each step throughout our online ordering processes and, where a task is listed elsewhere in the system, you can click on its name to view an order summary.

Acis Document Depot: From 1 Aug 2006, the Acis Document Depot will contain copies (in PDF) of all documents produced by Acis. You can access the Document Depot by first logging in to the secure client area. Simply click on the name of any completed task, then click on “View documents” (or the PDF file icon) and then select the document/s that you need. Alternatively, you can locate our invoice for the matter (under the FINANCIAL section in the left hand menu, click on ‘invoice/payments’), as all relevant documents will be also attached thereto.

If you have any questions relating to our website, please contact us on 1800 773 477