Integrations deliver time and resource savings

Shane Topping, current as of: 8 June 2017.

It’s no secret that accounting firms and professional wealth advisers are heavily invested in identifying and driving efficiencies. The holy grail can often be a simple-to-use system that reduces administrative and professional hours, and fits seamlessly into established practice management processes.

If your firm is operating Class Super, BGL Simple Fund 360 or Xero Practice Manager, then our latest integrations are must-have time savers. While systems integrations are relatively common, so too are the promises by many providers of increased speed and efficiency, only to fall short of the mark.

Our latest integrations were developed in partnership with a number of major Acis clients, with a focus on addressing their technical requirements and previous integration issues. This ensured we developed a client-centred platform from which to release integrations which deliver:

  • Administrative time savings – clients can complete orders in seconds rather than minutes
  • Higher rates of data consistencyacross all integrated platforms
  • Procedural efficiencies by reducing the need for multiple data entry points
  • Reduced duplicate record creation – a problem that often arises in poorly designed integration systems
  • Removal of data overwriting when establishing new SMSFs and other structures

Fundamental to our integrations is superior data deduping and cross referencing. While most other systems create a new record by default for each transaction, our platform undertakes a detailed inspection of existing records using unique identifiers to integrate and update relationships.

An early adopter was Warren Maris, Director at Magnus Business Advisers and Accountants, who commented: “You hear people spouting on about integrations, but in my experience they only work if they are loved and cuddled all the time. They tend to be more marketing bumf than anything.

“Acis integrations are super simple and they work. You don’t have to figure things out because it happens seamlessly in front of you. The time savings are noticeable.”

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team if we can assist you in taking advantage of our integrations.