Director IDs – transitional regime to end 30 November

Emily Pritchard, current as of: 16 November 2022.

The transitional period for the introduction of Director IDs ends on 30 November 2022. 

Existing Directors

All existing Directors must apply for a Director ID by 30 November.

According to several sources, up to two-thirds of existing directors are yet to apply for their Director IDs, despite the deadline fast approaching. It’s been reported that the Tax Office is stating more than 900,000 (out of about 2.5 million) directors had applied as of 30 September 2022.

Yesterday the ATO released a draft legislative instrument (ABRS 2022/D1) excluding anyone who was a Director prior to 31 October 2021, but who resigned before the November 30 deadline, from complying. While the draft may not become law prior to its intended commencement on 1 December, the need for retrospectivity is acknowledged in the Draft Explanatory Statement.

New Directors

After November 30, new Directors will need to apply for a Director ID prior to their appointment as a Director.

More information about deadlines and the process to obtain a Director ID can be found on the ABRS website.