Avoiding the SMSF Danger Zone

Current as of: 20 September 2023.

In this insightful webinar, Peter Johnson, Acis’ SMSF Services Director, sheds light on the complexities arising from historical issues in SMSF trust deeds and provides practical solutions to address these challenges. Cases covered include:

  • Katz v Grossman
  • Moss Super Pty Ltd v Hayne
  • Re Narumon
  • Wareham v Marsella
  • Wooster v Morris
  • Munro v Munro
  • Williams v Williams
  • Soo v Soo

The featured solution in this session, SuperDepot, comes highly recommended by Peter Johnson. If your funds are not already using SuperDepot, now is the perfect opportunity to explore its benefits. Schedule a demo to learn more or contact us to discuss upgrading your deeds.

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