Another Tool in The Kit

Acis, current as of: 4 June 2015.

Coming off the back of the success of the Discretionary Trust Checklist released in our last issue of Acis All Areas, we have developed a Unit Trust Checklist

We’ve already had meetings with a number of practitioners who have utilised the Acis checklists to proactively identify deficiencies in their clients’ trust deeds or to take steps to standardise trust deeds across their practices.

Just like our Discretionary Trust Checklist, the Unit Trust Checklist is a diagnostic tool for accountants to assess the health of the unit trusts they manage, and identify risks and knowledge gaps that might indicate where assistance is needed.

It’s no secret that your clients are only interested in their tax bill liability at the end of the day. Once it’s paid, any nasty surprises due to an oversight will be difficult for you to recover.

Carrying out one or more of our trust health checks regularly will help avoid that sinking feeling, and enable you to amend trust deeds prior to the practical effects of an oversight becoming apparent.

When we talk about the importance of risk management and mitigation, we’ve seen where it can go wrong. By screening for problems ahead of time, you make the leap from awareness to action.

We value your feedback and suggestions. Please don’t hesitate to let us know of any improvements you’d like made to the checklists.  For more information please call us toll-free on 1800 773 477.