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What does the integration do?

Is the integration available for all Acis products?

What data is sourced from the connected XPM account?

Can we create XPM client records for previously ordered Acis products?

Does the integration include the ability to upload documents to XPM?

How do I connect to XPM?

Is my connection to XPM private?

How do I check my connection with XPM?

Do I need to disconnect after each session?

What does the SYNC button do?

How long will syncing take and do I have to wait until it is finished?

Are XPM custom fields that contain data included in a sync?

No data from the XPM integration is showing?

Not all XPM client record details are being loaded into an Acis order?

Why are there duplicate names to select from when adding an individual or company to an Acis order?

Are we able to choose which client records are created in XPM?

What is the purpose of creating XPM client records for all parties associated to a product?

How are existing XPM clients identified?

Is it mandatory to provide XPM Client Codes prior to uploading to XPM?

I'm getting an error message "invalid structure type" when creating client records from the integration dashboard?

Matthew Harris - Partner, MSI Taylor
Rob Sendall - Director Business Services, Hall Chadwick QLD
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