Integrate with our preferred partner, FuseSign, or with DocuSign.

We’ve put together some FAQs to assist you with our digital document signing integrations.

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Integrating with FuseSign or DocuSign enables you to send selected documents directly to your client to be digitally signed. Signatures are tracked and recorded with the final document uploaded to the completed order.

No, you are only able to execute pre-company registration documents, such as consents. Where we think it works for our clients, we’ll continue to rollout digital signing on other documents.

Where applicable, your custom branding is pulled from your account and used on the email sent to your client as well as when they open the platform to sign.

Integrating your account provides two main benefits.

  • Manage the transaction on your FuseSign/DocuSign dashboard – while the document is created externally by Acis, you can track and view the documents on your FuseSign/DocuSign dashboard.
  • Brand Consistency – when you integrate your account, the email sent to your client will have branding consistent with what you have set up in FuseSign/DocuSign. When the document is sent from Acis, it will have FuseSign branding only.

This is a setting in your FuseSign user account. Go to Settings > Email Body and select “Remove email standard wording” and this will remove the double up of content.

If you have enabled SMS to view or SMS to sign in your linked FuseSign account, an additional field will be appear for you to input the officer and member mobile numbers. Mobile numbers must be unique to each officer and will only be used to send to FuseSign.

Depending on your subscription, you can go to settings and turn off “Enable including the Envelope ID on the document“. See more here.