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What does the integration do?

Integration with Class Super ("Class") enables you to load fund details from Class directly into an Acis online order and create new fund records in Class for all completed Acis SMSF products.

Is the integration available for all Acis products?

Fund details may be loaded into an SMSF establishment or SMSF deed upgrade online order. Further SMSF products will be available for online ordering soon.

What data is sourced from the connected Class account?

Only data relevant to ordering of Acis products is obtained from your Class account.

Can trustee and member details be loaded into orders not associated with the fund?

Currently, fund and member details may only be loaded into SMSF products associated with the fund.

Can we create new fund records in Class for previously ordered Acis products?

Yes. Simply navigate to the relevant fund in the COMPLETED section, select the Integration icon and then select the Class logo. Complete the required fields, then select UPLOAD.

Does the integration include the ability to upload documents to Class?

As Class does not currently support integration of attachments, documents are manually attached to the fund record from within the Class platform.

How do I connect to Class?

Select the Class logo in the INTEGRATIONS section of the Acis portal, then click CONNECT to initiate the login to your Class account via the Class login screen. Connection may also be activated from within an online order by selecting the Integration icon and then the Class logo and CONNECT.

How do I check my connection with Class?

Select the Integration icon within any online order, or navigate to the INTEGRATION section of the Acis Portal to check the connection status displayed under the Class logo.

Do I need to disconnect after each session?

While the integration automatically disconnects from Class after you log out of the Acis portal, you also have the option to manually disconnect by selecting the Integration icon and then DISCONNECT.

What does the SYNC button do?

The SYNC button allows you to manually sync your Class data to the Acis portal. This is beneficial when you have recently updated fund details in Class and wish to access those details immediately in an Acis order.

How long will syncing take and do I have to wait until it is finished?

Syncing depends on the number of fund records in your Class account. Once syncing has commenced, you may start your Acis order and the Class funds will appear for selection once the syncing of each fund is complete.

I do not see the Class login screen?

Pop-up blockers in your web browser may prevent new browser tabs from appearing when connecting Acis integrations which require you to enter login credentials. It is recommended pop-up blockers are disabled.

No data from the Class integration is showing?

Ensure the Class integration is connected and recently synced.

Why are there duplicate names to select from when adding an individual or company to an Acis order?

The list of names displayed is sourced from active integration connections and Acis records. To determine which name is most suited for loading into your order, position the cursor over the name to display further details.

I'm getting an error message when creating a fund record from the integration dashboard?

Ensure all data entered in the required fields is valid and the fund does not already exist in Class. Where possible we will advise if the fund has been detected as an existing fund in Class.

Warren Meiklejohn - Associate Director, Nexia Brisbane
Matthew Harris - Partner, MSI Taylor
Rob Sendall - Director Business Services, Hall Chadwick QLD
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