ABN/TFN Applications

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For which products are applications prepared?

Will Acis charge a fee to prepare an application?

Can I request an application after the entity is established?

How long does it take Acis to prepare an application?

How will I know when an application has been prepared?

Does the prepared application have an expiry date?

I've forgotten my application reference number and/or password?

Who is responsible for the application?

What if I only require a Tax File Number only?

Does my application include GST and PAYG registration?

Can more than one authorised contact be added to my application?

Should I provide TFNs for all associates?

What if an Associate is yet to receive a TFN?

Who should I nominate as Associates?

Where do I enter the business postal address?

What if there are validation issues with my application?

How do I provide (EFT) account details in a superfund's application?

Matthew Harris - Partner, MSI Taylor
Rob Sendall - Director Business Services, Hall Chadwick QLD
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