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Tips and tricks

To make things as simple as possible for our new clients, we’ve provided some info to get you started.

Getting Started: The Acis Portal

How do I place an order?

You can create, manage, submit and track orders for most of our products via the portal. Go to New Order and select the product you’d like to order. Once processed, all completed orders will be stored in ‘Completed Orders’ where you can access your documents, invoices, order summary and delivery/tracking details.

How do integrations work?

The Acis system integrates with a number of leading 3rd party providers. They can be accessed by selecting the tile on the portal home page, or in an order by selecting the cloud icon on the right-hand side. More information is available on the portal.

What does it mean when the company name is listed as ‘unavailable’, but my client owns the business name?

A name search will return ‘unavailable’ because this name is already registered by the client and is not available for registration by any other party. As long as the person or entity that owns the business name is a party to the new incorporation, then it can be registered as a company. This results in two separate entities. When prompted, answer ‘Yes’ to the question ‘Is the company a registered business name?’ and then fill in the additional fields.

Do I have to include TFN’s?

TFN’s are optional inclusions, but they are very helpful if you are requesting that Acis prepares ABN/TFN applications on your behalf. To apply for a TFN, select the cloud iconon the right-hand side for Integrations. The ABN/TFN application will automatically open. Select Request to answer the questions and submit the application.

Please note that TFN preparations cannot be done with paper applications.

How do I add a trust as a shareholder?

To add a trust as a member/shareholder in your company order, go to Members and select Choose Member Type, then select the specific type of trust. From here, you simply add the trust and trustee details.

What if I do not want to disclose the beneficial owner of shares?

Just follow the same steps as above, but when you add a member, select Choose Member Type and then select Trust – Other/Unspecified. In the field for Trust Name, select the shortcut for Use (As Trustee) as name.

Do I need a declaration of trust in relation to a shareholding/unit holding?

If the beneficial owner of the shares or units is a trust or super fund, and a deed is inplace for that entity, then a declaration is not required. It is required, however, if theshares are being held for another person or company/entity.

How do I order a Custodian (Bare) Trust?

Start a new order and select SMSF Services. This is where you will find the SMSF Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangement, which is the Custodian (Bare) Trust.

How do I apply for an ABN for an entity?

On the final page after completing your order, select Yes to apply for the ABN. A separate window will open where you will answer a few questions and set a password.

If you are applying for an ABN for an existing entity, go to Completed Orders and find the entity, then select the cloud icon on the right hand side for Integrations. The ABN/TFN application will automatically open. Select Request to answer the questions and submit the application.

Please note that this cannot be done with paper applications.

What is the Place of Settlement and Jurisdiction of my trust?

Jurisdiction is the choice of State or Territory law for enforcement of the trust deed

The Place of Settlement is the State or Territory in which the trust deed is executed.

Read our most recent article on Place of Settlement and Jurisdiction for more information.

How does the Power of Attorney service work?

Acis can execute, establish and settle a trust for you by having the trustee sign a Limited Power of Attorney form authorising us to sign trust deeds on their behalf.

Please see our Power of Attorney Factsheet for more information.

Our friendly team is always available to help. For more information or to answer specific questions, please contact us at any time on 1800 773 477 or acis@acis.net.au.