Seamless digital document signing.

Easily collect signatures on all pre and post company registration documents via the Acis platform.

The benefits.


Manage all company document signing on one platform, enhancing workflow efficiency.


Experience faster document execution and improved client satisfaction.


Store documents securely on the Acis platform or via our integration partners for easy access and auditing.


Choose Acis’ digital signing feature, supported integrations (FuseSign or Docusign), or wet signatures.

We’ll continue to monitor the market.

While digital document signing is now broadly accepted for company registration documents, there is still often misalignment between the legal and practical acceptance of deeds by third parties (banks, revenue offices etc). As soon as electronic execution of deeds is widely accepted by major financial and government institutions, we’ll rollout digital signing accordingly.

Want to know more?

Experience seamless digital signing.

Watch our step-by-step video tutorial on Acis’ new digital signing feature or check out our FAQs for more information.

Integrations to streamline your workflow.

Choose our in-platform signing feature or connect with our preferred partners below.


FuseSign is our preferred partner for affordable, simple and secure digital signing. Acis’ integration with FuseSign allows users to send documents directly to clients for signing. Completed documents are loaded into the Acis platform once signed.


Docusign is an electronic signature platform. Acis’ integration with Docusign allows users to send documents directly to clients for signing. Completed documents are loaded into the Acis platform once signed.

With Acis’ digital signing functionality, users can easily manage and request digital signatures for all company documents directly within the platform during the order process. 

Previously, our digital signing services were limited to pre registration company documents such as consents. However, we now offer end-to-end digital signing for both pre and post registration documents.  

Yes, Acis offers seamless integration with FuseSign, enabling users to digitally sign all company documents directly within the platform. This service incurs an additional cost of $2.20 per signature (inc. GST), facilitating a streamlined signing process for users without separate accounts. 

You have the option to use Acis’ built-in signing feature or integrate with one of our current partners, FuseSign or Docusign. For instructions on connecting your third-party signing provider (limited to FuseSign or Docusign), please refer to the digital signing integrations page.

Users start by logging into their Acis account and locating the relevant company order. After entering the required order details, they initiate the digital signing process. At this point, our handy digital wizard provides clear guidance and content to help users move forward seamlessly. 

Users can generate signatory requests for the designated clients by entering their email addresses. The clients receive an email notification with a link to the document that needs signing. Once the clients provide their digital signatures, the documents are finalised directly within the platform. 

You can easily track the signing progress by clicking into the designated section (pre or post registration) on the order status page. Here, you can see the status of each signatory, ensuring you stay updated on the signing process.

If you need to re-send a document for signature, navigate to the order status page within the platform. Here, you can see the status of each signatory and identify any pending signatures. To re-send, click on the “Re-send” button next to the name of the signatory you wish to prompt again.  

Digital signing of company registration documents is permitted under the Corporations Act 2001 and is now widely accepted in the industry. While legislation has also been passed allowing digital signing on other documents such as Trust Deeds, the acceptance of digitally signed deeds is not yet widespread. Therefore, we recommend using a wet signature for these documents. As the situation evolves, we will consider incorporating digital signing for a broader range of documents. 

Yes, you can conveniently access signed documents on the Acis platform by navigating to the “Completed Orders” section. From there, you can view and download documents at any time. Additionally, once the order is completed, you will receive an email with links to access the signed documents. 

If one of your signatories is unable to digitally sign, please cancel the digital signature process and switch to the traditional wet signature method.  

Acis will print and deliver your documents after all parties have completed the digital signing process. Usual business turnaround times and shipping times apply.  

Due to the need to ensure compliance with the Corporations Act 2001, you must choose either digital signing for all directors or none for pre registration signing.